Mystery Smartphone Micro-Review

It was undeservedly overlooked then. Unjustly forgotten now. Can you guess which smartphone I’m talking about?

Dane O'Leary
2 min readMar 31, 2020

Dual speakers, providing rich 24-bit sound. Solid aluminum unibody construction, paired with a smooth glass front. Dramatic chamfered edges for a great hand feel.

Top-of-the-line processor. Front-facing camera with optical stabilization. Vibrant QHD display. Fingerprint sensor for biometric security.

It has all the same features of its contemporaries — even more in some cases — yet our mystery device mostly flew under the radar.

Once you get it in hand, the first thing you notice about the device is its impeccable build quality. No surprise there because build quality is something that this particular OEM is known for.

Turn on the device and… Wow. There’s no denying the quality of that 1440p 5.2-inch display. This is a device clearly designed for on-the-go multimedia and content consumption.

On top of all that, this device has a built-in DAC for high-resolution audio, the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and a USB C port.

With an internal codename (“Perfume) befitting of such an enticing device, our mystery smartphone was unveiled on April 12 with its official launch taking place in May.

Oh, and did I mention that was May of 2016?

If you hadn’t guessed, our mystery device is…

The criminally-overlooked HTC 10!

Which smartphone do you think has been unjustly overlooked?



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